Decide for yourself.  Our goal is to educate you and explain why Annuities are purchased by both individuals and business to transfer risk.  Structured appropriately, Annuities provide Liquidity for today, Growth for tomorrow, Income for life, and Legacy for loved ones. Why work with us?  We are INDEPENDENT agents who work for our clients not a bank, brokerage, or investment firm.  Thank you for watching our videos. Call or email us when its time for PROTECTION and GUARANTEES.  

Diversified Portfolio?

Care to diversify your portfolio with Guarantees?  Many folks have seen 10+ years of retirement income vaporize in less than a few weeks.   We are independent agent brokers and would like to learn more about your income targets during retirement. Retirees are waking up to the fact that the 4% rule does not work.  Is it time for a second opinion? 

Annuities are good for these Businesses

These businesses transferred their pension liability to Insurance companies.  The insurer GUARANTEES employees will receive income in retirement.

Protection and Guarantees

Many years of retirement savings have been lost in this most recent BLACK SWAN event.  Like 2000 and 2007, retirement plans for many have changed.  Is it time for Guarantees? 

Annuity GREAT for these clients

Our clients called and emailed to thank the team for providing solutions with GUARANTEES. Guaranteed Growth.  Guaranteed Income. Annuities are the only product that will GUARANTEE a lifetime income stream.  Is it time for GUARANTEES?  

Annuity Myths

There is a significant amount of misinformation disseminated within the Financial industry regarding annuities.  Two we often hear are that annuities have high fee's, and if I die the insurance company keeps all of my money.  Really?  You decide.

Why lose money when its not necessary?

People buy annuities for the GUARANTEES.  In this example, its possible that the income could be higher.  They key is that it will not be lower. Do you have guarantees?

Myth - Can't Make Money with Indexed Annuity

So, you were advised to build your retirement nest egg and when ready to retire, withdraw 3-4% per year and the savings will last as long as needed.  Sound familiar?  See how sequence of returns will impact this strategy. Warren Buffet says "the best way to MAKE money is not to LOSE Money."  Risk or Guarantee?  You decide.

Social Security is an Annuity

Social Security pays a monthly benefit for LIFE to retirees based on the amounts they have paid in and the age the individual chooses to begin taking payments. There are many options to consider that will impact your monthly Social Security payments. Likewise, their are hundreds of Annuities and options to consider.  As independent agents, we will discuss your goals, objectives, and timelines and provide several options geared to maximizing your income. 

Annuities and Income Planning

When in comes to Income Planning and Annuities, there are several key components to consider.  While Bonuses and Crediting percentages are important, the key number is the payment amount.  At the end of the day, you want to choose the option that will deliver the HIGHEST income GUARANTEE based on your objective and time horizon.

Four Types of Annuities

At the end of the day, there are 4 types of annuities. They are Immediate, Fixed, Fixed Index, and Variable. Each have their respective pro's and con's.  We will expand on this video and share additional information about each type.  Is it time for Guarantees?

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